3 Reasons You Should Be Passively Job Searching

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You’ve heard of passive income right? That’s when you earn money while you sleep without providing additional time or effort. Of course you have! We all want that, don’t we? 

Well, did you know there was such a thing as passive job search? It’s exactly the same concept, but instead of earning money while you sleep you’re getting career opportunities. (Although perhaps not while you sleep since the recruiters are also asleep, but you get the idea). Passive job search is working for you even when you’re not actively looking for a job. 

But why would I want career offers when I’m not looking for a job? 

1. Nowadays, most jobs are not getting posted online. 

This is especially true for highly skilled and experienced positions. In fact, (as of 2022) less than 10% of jobs are being filled by people who applied through a job ad. Recruiters are tapping into their own network and employee referrals to ensure they find qualified candidates whose personalities will fit within the company culture.

2. Know your worth.

Even if you don’t plan to accept a new opportunity, by keeping yourself open to receiving them you can use that information to help you in your current role. I’m not saying to threaten to leave your company if they don’t match an offer, but you can certainly use this during your development conversations to articulate your value and discuss your future goals with more confidence.

3. Job searching sucks.

Let’s call a spade a spade. No one likes job searching. It can be a painful and frustrating process. You might not be interested in another job now, but when you are ready, you’ll have a starting point. Reach back out to any of the recruiters or companies that messaged you in the past to see what they have available currently. Remember # 1. 

So what does passive job searching look like? Knowing how to properly network, perfecting your elevator pitch, keeping an up-to-date and active LinkedIn profile, and making sure your resume is always ready. Check out my Career Transition mini packages to get your passive job search setup right away! 

Already frustrated in your job search? Grab my effective job search tools to help take some of the headache out of the process and help you land a great job you’ll truly enjoy. 

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