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This template is for:

  • First time managers who need help developing their employees
  • Employees who want to talk to their boss about a raise or promotion
  • Anyone who is tired of having unproductive development convos
  • New boss/employee that needs to build rapport

Are the development conversations you're having now just a waste of time? Well, if you're leaving the meetings without having clear expectations for success then they definitely are. The last thing you need in your schedule is another useless meeting. Instead, grab the free template below and start having more effective meetings.

Why are development conversations between boss and employee so important?

When you have better conversations about growth and performance, you get better results. If you're the employee that means more fulfilling work and career advancement opportunities. If you're the boss that means a stronger and more productive team that helps you achieve your KPIs and reduces attrition. For both, that means a better working relationship.

Why do people struggle with these crucial career conversations?

  • Not sure what to say in the meetings
  • Have trouble staying on track
  • Don't know the difference between a performance and a development conversation
  • Are afraid of delivering and receiving feedback
  • Do them on the fly with no preparation

Having proper development conversations are especially important when you're new. Whether you're the new manager or the new person on the team, you need to start building rapport and having effective conversations immediately.

How else will you know where to add value?
How will you get to demonstrate your skills and discuss opportunities?
How will you know where you stand?

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