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 Hi, I’m Jovita!

I help hard-working professionals who are feeling overwhelmed and unappreciated at work. I will show you how to speak up and use your voice with confidence, clarity, and consistency to improve your current position and increase advancement opportunities and earning potential. It’s time to get the pay, perks, and purpose you deserve! 

What are you currently struggling with?


Unsure where to get started


Dealing with a difficult boss


Need confidence to speak up


Figuring out the right role


Making time for professional development


Not getting recognized for hard work


Establishing financial stability in my career

I've been there too!

That’s why I'm so passionate about helping others overcome these obstacles and create the career and life they want.

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Job Search Guide

Finding a new job doesn’t have to be so hard!

Use this guide for shortcuts and techniques to help you streamline your activities and land a job you’ll love.

How to Have Effective Development Conversations

Stop wasting time in unproductive meetings!

Whether you’re the manager or the employee, grab the conversation template and put it into practice immediately to get better results.

Managing Negative Emotions

Want to reduce emotional stress at work? 

Learn easy-to-use techniques to help you proactively address negativity, shift your mindset, and demonstrate more composure.

30-Day Positive Mindset Challenge

Are you feeling stuck or unmotivated? 

By the end of the challenge you’ll feel better and have built positive mindset habits you need to achieve success.

My Powerful Morning Routine

When you have a busy life with competing priorities and a growing to-do list, you need to start your day in the right way so that you can finish feeling more accomplished and less drained. 

Set Smart Goals

Ready to accomplish more?

Using EQ to set smart goals is the key to consistently accomplishing tremendous results.

What I Offer

Career Transition Mini Packages

Job Search, Interviews, and First 30 Days

Mentorship & Long-term Development

More Opportunities, Higher Salary, and Job Fulfillment

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“I was on the job hunt when I met Jovita, and her guidance and expertise helped me achieve my goal of landing a six-figure salary.”

– Jen McEvoy

“Not only did she teach me how to manage a team, but she also taught me how to be a good leader that a team enjoyed working for.”

– Sierra Smith

“If you want to work on yourself, improve in your career and feel more confident, talk to Jovita!”

– Brita Nelson

“She helped me grow my voice within the company.”

– Raven Noel

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