About Jovita

Career Development Coach

I became a mentor and coach to help other hard-working professionals advance their careers so that they too can feel fulfilled, valued, and reach their full potential.  Unfortunately, there is still a lack of professional development, soft-skill and mindset training in the workplace.  I want to change that!

Improving my communication and EQ (emotional intelligence) skills was the most impactful thing to advancing my career. Finding my authentic voice and using it to speak up for myself in various ways. Currently, working as a VP of Operations, I am the ONLY female Executive in the company.  Not only have I been able to rise up in my position, but I’ve created the career and life I want.  I have the autonomy and freedom to help develop others, travel often, and have financial freedom.  It’s a career and life for which I am grateful and genuinely proud.

My Story

How I Got Started

In 2012, I was like you. I was frustrated in my career and not sure how to move ahead. I had, again, left a job where I felt stuck since I was working hard but it wasn’t resulting in the advancement I thought it should.  When I started this new job, I did what I normally do.  Took on additional work from others, worked longer hours, tried to get people to see me as a hard worker to get advancement opportunities.  I felt that if I just worked hard enough it was bound to lead to a promotion.

One day, my boss told me that I could never be a manager.

Even though he was an absolute jerk, I couldn’t just dismiss it. Switching jobs hadn’t helped me get ahead, so maybe there really was something holding me back.

I started really focusing on educating myself. Not just on management skills, but what it takes to be a great leader. I learned about the 360-evaluation tool. The results I got back from that changed my entire life. Someone responded that, while they did see my talents, strong work ethic, and ability to get things done; they didn’t like working with me because I made them feel stupid. Wow! That hurt! I had no idea that I was making anyone feel that way, and it certainly wasn’t my intent. Two things became apparent: 

I had a blind spot that was holding me back in my career. I realized I couldn’t solve this on my own. 

I quickly found a few mentors to help me.  The work I did and the guidance they provided helped me advance into senior and eventually management positions. (Of course, not at that company with the bad boss).  By focusing on communication and EQ skills + getting help, I know I advanced more quickly than I would have on my own.  I have loved leadership and professional development ever since!

Once I became a manager in 2014 (Yay!) I made sure to be the leader I never had. By focusing on others’ development, I contributed to dozens of people getting promotions and raises throughout my career.

I started Grow with Jovita because I am so passionate about developing others and helping them grow beyond where they could have on their own. Just like I did!

What I Do

Short-Term and Long-Term Career Growth

Based on my experience, I have identified six key areas of professional growth that will make the most impact in your career, including communication and EQ. Through my program, I will provide you strategies and resources to improve your skills to help you identify your blind spot, find your voice, and speak up for your career!  Also, I strongly believe in effective habit forming, goal setting, and mindset activities that will set you up for continued success to maximize your earning potential and opportunities for your entire career.  By the way, all of the skills I teach translate to your personal life as well. I believe your career is just a tool to create the life you want.  Building stronger professionals is what I do, but helping people achieve the life they’ve envisioned is who I am.


  • 9+ years of managing and developing teams.
  • Vice President of Operations in Finance industry since 2019.
  • M.B.A. from Arizona State University.
  • Six Sigma Green Belt Certification from ASU.
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing and Communications from UNR.
  • Toastmasters International speaker and leader since 2013.

How to Get Ahead in Your Career

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