What does your LinkedIn profile say about you?

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Whether you’re just getting started in your career or not, LinkedIn is a MAJOR tool for job placement and networking.

Most job application tools now require that you submit your LinkedIn profile along with your resume. Recruiters are actively searching for candidates BEFORE they even post job ads! With over 700 million users there are tons of career advancement opportunities. 

Don’t miss out on great jobs by neglecting your LinkedIn profile.

Join my 3-Day Linkedin Level Up Challenge to create and maintain a profile that will help you get found and impress recruiters. 








Is your profile optimized to be found by the right companies, for the right positions that match your skills?


Do you know how to build an active network so that you get referrals for great, high paying jobs?


Wouldn’t you prefer job opportunities to come to you rather than having to spend countless hours looking for a new job?

By the end of this challenge you’ll have a profile that…

Showcases your personality and value

Is optimized to get discovered and expand your network

Helps you engage and connect easily

Would people checking out your profile get a good idea of who you are?  Learn what skills you bring to the table? Make them want to connect and work with you? 


Even if you’re not looking for a job right now, the ongoing connections you make will set you up for future opportunities, access to resources, and provide mentors for your professional development. The time you spend upfront creating a stand-out profile will pay off down the line. 

Join my 3-Day LinkedIn Level Up Challenge to design a profile that highlights your strengths and personality.

You’ll get the tools to make a lasting impression and grow a network to maximize your career potential.